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© 2023 Cara Pifko

Artist At Work

Here is an overview:


  •                         Click here for a complete list of Film and TV        credits over the last 35 years. 


  • I won a Stage Raw award for the titular role in the bio-play 


 Other theatre highlights include the English Premiere of Abyss (Dora Nominated play and winner of the prestigious Kleist Promotional  Award)

  • Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy) Winner and Nomination

  • Graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada

  • I trained in New play development with Jackie Maxwell and continued to work in the field as an actress in support of the playwriting process with the Abyss translation, Leo, 

       O Rejane. 

  •    Currently I am on-going Writing Coach with performance artists, a Mastermind Talk winner, playwrights and one person show makers.

  • Strategic Intervention and Reiki Certified Life Coach


Writers and performers: 

Are you curious if there is a greater depth to be found in your piece's voices or in your characters?


Do you have a table of contents but no book?

Do you have pieces but no whole?

Do you burn to speak more truthfully through your art?


Me too.


Let's explore the unanswered questions.



   Behind the resume 

I had two home births. 


One of the top three reasons why I am passionate about story-telling, is my whole being feeds on the hunt for truth. It's one of those life long commitment things for me.


I want to stand behind your passion project, help you write your voice, your truth, which is where art sets humanity free. 


We can only change ourselves. So lets do that.