Cara Pifko

Life Coach with a specialty in Creativity Coaching

Put it in the art.

Hi, I'm Cara Pifko, welcome to my website. 

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Yes I'm an actor. Coaching and performance are a similar process for me.


 My programs coach Transformation, Unblocking, Revealing your easy access to super powers; of you and your piece. Whatever you're working on.  My methods include a drawing out of the embodied soul, exploration and inquiry. My clients are from all walks and stages of life, including actors, writers, healers, speakers; people who want to showup in their life and work authentically. I have coached three Fringe shows into being, life transformations, a bestselling author's book, numerous actors and a long time collaboration with designer Mariana Zaharoff. 

Recurring on Better Call Saul Seasons 2-5, Winner as Leading Female for LA's Stage Raw Award and a Gemini Award (Canadian Emmy). Hi, I'm Cara Pifko, welcome to my website. 



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